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Monetize Your Mobile Website with AdSense

Monetize Your Mobile Website with AdSense

AdSense publishers who are logging into their AdSense accounts, they will today note a new link in their Overview page.

Get Started.

AdSense launched a new service which enables publishers with Mobile websites to monetize them. It seems that to use this feature you need to have a page that is ‘mobile-compliant’ otherwise or the ads won’t display.

If you are facing problems regarding ‘mobile-compliant’, you don’t currently have a mobile website or if you are not sure, you don’t have one, you can create one by rewriting your existing website in a mobile markup language, such as XHTML, WML, or CHTML.  It should also keep in mind that the layout of your website is properly formatted to display on mobile phones. Your mobile website will need to be developed using server-side scripting such as PHP or ASP.  PHP is supported by many web hosting providers and you can enable PHP of your website by simply changing the file exertion from .html to .php. After that where you want the AdSense for mobile ads to emerge you can paste the PHP code snippet into the section of the page. Ad units come in two sizes single and double both. Setting up the ads looks pretty simple after getting mobile compliant website – that is very identical to setting ads for websites absolutely with an akin wizard to design ads.

Few steps to enable AdSense Page Level Ads?

Go to My Ads after logging onto AdSense and click on Page level ads.

By toggling the button, set up Anchor & Vignetter ads. You can also enable them both at the same time. After that, scroll down and go to add the code for Page-level ads. Bring the code & place this ad code in the head and body tag of the pages on that page where you want to display ads.

To insert the code in your theme you can use a plug-in. Or as a top, you can use Google Tag Manager that helps you to manage the tags for your entire website from other places for free.

To test your add you have to place the ad codes. So you need to do is to add #googleads at the end of URL after opening your site in a mobile browser in order to see the ads in the activity.