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Dealership Opportunity with ThinkNEXT

You looking for a New Business Opportunity?

Join ThinkNEXT to provide best of IT Solutions…

  • Benefits for being a dealer of ThinkNext
  • Your own business – more flexibility and less cost than a franchise.
  • More profit for a day’s work than you thought possible.
  • A lifestyle of freedom from a rigid work schedule.
  • Amazing job satisfaction from great customer appreciation.
  • Quick return on investment for motivated dealers.

Dealership Opportunities

  • Congratulations. Your decision to consider ThinkNEXT dealership in your area is a smart move! if you get selected to receive a dealership in your area it may well prove to be the best business decision you have ever made.

  • There are several systems on the market making a variety of claims, but the ThinkNEXT Dealer Relationship system stands alone, not only in terms of superior product for the customer, but without question the best dealership program in the IT industry.

What do you get?

  • As a dealer of ThinkNEXT Technologies Pvt. Ltd. you will be part of a dynamic and fast growing corporate family. We are fast spreading our wings in all states, cities and even small towns of India.

  • Your sales and marketing efforts will comprehensively carry not just 1 or 2 products but a complete bouquet of solutions like websites, graphics & multimedia solutions also.

What We need from you ?

  • We want to start a long lasting relationship with you, for that we need to have a clear understanding and comfort while dealing with you.

  • Your understanding and acceptability of IT Solutions provided by ThinkNEXT Technologies. The faster you understand our system of working and processes the better it will be for the company.

Considering your willingness to commit:

  • For your ease we will provide the training, technical support & hands on different tools which helps you to understand our products range & wide spectrum of their features. This training and practice is also necessary so when you start you are proficient in performing successful and quality sales.

  • Capital investment in this new venture of yours will be very small in fact nothing compared to that usually required for a typical retail business or franchise. All you might need is a laptop and internet connectivity to showcase your products and solutions in front of the client.

Receiving your application of interest:

  • We review every application. If you are selected for further discussion we will provide details that will open your eyes to a wonderful opportunity, and provide information for your further consideration. We may consider it helpful to introduce you to an existing dealer, one of the pioneers already enjoying success in this new industry

Do you feel qualified to take that first step?

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We request serious inquiries only please. However, if at this time you are only casually considering the possibility of starting on your own, are not fully committed, are not willing to invest yourself in that business, or if you are unwilling to travel to evaluate the product and receive training, then this Dealer Relationship Opportunity is not for you. If you are interested, get in early to assure your place among those selected for lucrative areas. So don’t delay, Contact Us Today.