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ERP Advantages

Smart Campus Advantages can be categorized as:

  • Institute(s)
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Staff
  • Management Parents

Institute can provide all its services to its students/parents/staff/management/alumni/visitors 365x24x7
Institute will be able to establish itself a BRAND at State/Country Level.
Today due to high competition among colleges, getting maximum admissions has also become challenging for many colleges. Our Smart Campus Solutions help institutes to get maximum admissions directly and indirectly
Better Communication among Students-Parents-Staff-Management-Alumni and Institute anytime anywhere.
Students, Parents, Staff Members, Management can access information, search information, view reports and perform various operations 365 x 24 x 7 anywhere anytime through Internet.
100% accuracy in all operations.
High speed of all operations and therefore more time for study and other works. Thus it leads to more productivity and efficiency of every individual.
Global access of information and operations through role based access control.
Paperless college(s) lead to money saving, time saving, better space management, high efficiency and less deforestation.

Students can download Study Material, Class Notes, Instruction Plan, Question Papers (University/Board, House Test), e-Books, e-Journals, Lab Manuals etc. at hostels/campus through Wi-Fi in college campus or at their home through Internet
Students can access information regarding their Attendance, Sessional (House Test) Marks, Final Results, Assignments, Fee Balance Amount, Library Books in Account, Library Fine, News and Events, Syllabus, Time-Table, Notice-board, Dashboard, Sports activities, Cultural activities, complaints etc. through Smart Card, Internet, Intranet and Wi-Fi.
Students can search Books, Journals, CDs, Subject Names, Subject Codes etc. through Smart Card and Internet
Each Smart Card also acts as an ID Card for the student
Students will issue books and deposit fee by using smart card.
Students can specify demand of books through Smart Card and Online.
Students will be issued Hostel/Bus Pass at the time of admission using Webcam
Each student and Parent will be issued User ID and Password at the time of admission to access information online.
Students will have more time to study, better informed, better attendance, better study material and better class/university level performance
Students can also download assignments/submit assignments/view assignment marks online.
Students can register their queries and suggestions online
Students will be sent SMS Alerts on their Mobile Phones regarding any activity related to college.
Students and Parents can also get any sort of information through shortcode by sending SMS in a particular format at 56767 and through WAP enabled phones through our WAP services. Now a day almost every mobile phone is WAP enabled.

In Today’s world, parents are busy in their works so that they cannot spare time for frequent visits to their children’s institution. ThinkNEXT Smart Campus makes them in touch with the institution for all things they want to know about their child anytime anywhere in world through Internet. ThinkNEXT Smart Campus makes much better communication between Parents, Staff and Administration of the Institution without sacrificing their time and convenience.
Parents can view Attendance, Sessional Marks, Final Results, Complaints, Assignments submitted of their child anytime anywhere in world.
Parents can view Sports Activities, Cultural Activities, Library Books in their Child’s Account, Library Fines, Fee Balances of their child anytime anywhere through Internet
Parents can view Datesheet, syllabus, Instruction Plan, Class Notes, Important links, Manuals and many other things anytime anywhere.
Parents can view Notices, College/School News and Events, College Video/Audios, student time table and many other things
Parents can communicate with Faculty Members, Administration through Internet.

Time-Saving and better efficiency of each staff member
Staff Member can view Books in his/her account through Smart Card, Intranet, Wi-Fi, Internet
Staff Member can view his/her monthly attendance (In-Out), leaves taken with salary and without salary, pending leaves etc. online. In Smart Campus, Attendance of each Staff Member is taken through Biometrics (Fingerprint). Hence Staff Member need not to wait for attendance, or enter time and signature into register. This attendance becomes automated online through Smart Campus 3.0.
Each Staff Member can search/view library books, Journals, CDs and Newspapers through Smart Card and online.
Each Staff Member can download E-Books, E-Journals, Submitted Assignments
Each Staff Member can view Attendance, Sessional (House Test) Marks, Final Results, Assignments, Fee Balance Amount, Library Books in Account, Library Fine, News and Events, Syllabus, Time-Table, Notice-board, Dashboard, Sports activities, Cultural activities, complaints etc. simultaneously of any student just on a single click.
Each staff member will be informed about college activities through SMS Facility
Each staff member can download various types of college resources e.g. Leave Proforma, College Intercom contacts etc.
Each staff need not to compile Internal Assessment. Automated Internal Assessment will be generated of a class based on Attendance, Sessional Marks and Assignment Marks
Each staff member can search authentic student database through more than 100 parameters using Custom Search.
Each staff member can access his previous semester details like Class Notes, Assignments, Internal Assessment etc.

Management can track all activities of Students, Staff, Parents, Visitors, Alumni
Management can view Staff Attendance (through fingerprint), Late-comers, Monthly late frequency of Staff Members etc. online anytime anywhere
Management can view Visitors (through Fingerprint) anytime anywhere through Internet
Management can View All Student Activities (e.g. Attendance, Sessionals, Final Results, Enquiries, Complaints, Sports, Cultural, Syllabus, Time Table and many others) of a Student or a Staff Member (e.g. Attendance, Teacher Load, Lectures Delivered between two dates, Library Books, Library Transactions between two dates, Staff Complaints and many others) Just on a single Click
Management can view Fee-Deposits, Fee Balances, Day Book, Bank Records, Cash Books, Cash in hand etc. at various levels and between two dates anywhere anytime through Internet and Intranet.
Management can view details of Notices, News and Events, Circulars, Minutes of meetings etc. at any time through internet.